Who Han Follows

As a pretty keen ‘millenial’ of the digital age, I have followed bloggers throughout the years and admire those who use it as an outlet to share thoughts or recommendations, to engage with others and meet new people or simply to let off some creative steam. Some may not be the flashiest, well-designed or most-hipster blogs, but, in my opinion, here’s some of my faves for a good read and follow:

Lucie Loves, fashion & lifestyle photographer & blogger: super stylish, enviable lifestyle, social media guru and a lovely person too.

Two Teas in Nottingham – a friend who inspired me (albeit a very long time ago) to blog about food and my favourite hangouts. Also introduced me to many an indie cafe/restaurant in dear old Notts – another fast-growing foodie destination!

FoodieCouple Blog – a really simple but down-to-earth and successful food blog, a big hit in Birmingham.

Full to the Brum – a nice looking site, with well-executed email updates and a stellar reputation amongst the foodie community it appears too – nominated for Best Blogger Award at both the 2016 BFDH & Birmingham Awards.

The Cook Report – avid collector and reviewer of recipe books, whose effort and patience to cook amazing, instagrammable dinners most nights of the week (seemingly) is applaudable. Heads to some pretty cool London foodie spots too.