Han Eats @ Miss Macaroon

You know that scene in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with the edible wallpaper? “You lick a strawberry, it tastes like a strawberry. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries.” “A SNOZZBERRY?!” Etcetcetc.

Well Miss Macaroon’s flavour palette is a little like that lickable wallpaper; such flavour precision and comparisons in macaron form. I should have written about this darling place a long time ago.

Recently invited to try the exclusive new flavourings of the lady herself, Rosie Ginday, in a mini Macaroon War to decide our favourites, it’s so lovely to see this beautiful business flourishing.

From every single decorative touch, accomplishment displayed intelligently, right down to the macarons themselves, her little store in the beautiful Great Western Arcade is always a treat for the eyes, the taste buds and also the soul.

And that’s a lot down to Rosie’s absolute dedication to the social enterprise nature of her business. The funds collected from her macaroon sales are invested right back into her company and the training of young people in her pastry kitchen right from long term unemployment, tackling a number of mental health, learning difficulties and other issues along the way..

Business started from just £500 personal funds 7 years ago. Wow.

Let’s not talk about the whole macaron vs. macaroon debate – the MM team go into it on their blog here if you wish.

And the do-good philosophy doesn’t stop there. From the bottled water stocked in the shop, to the prosecco she is (soon to) serve on the side, everything (where possible) is sourced from a social enterprise. Business life goals.

Yuzu & elderflower | yuzu & black sesame

So back to the macaroon war… The softest of flavours were on offer, including a couple unfamiliar to me; yuzu (a Japanese fruit) and baobab *nodded slowly when Rosie first asked if we knew this one* (it’s actually a nutritious powder derived from an African fruit with a sherbet-like flavour – Rosie sources hers responsibly from this brand).

We were also asked to guess which one of the two in each pair was dairy free. Surprisingly, all of my favourites were the dairy free versions; the texture infinitely more robust, keeping the bite firm and the casing intact.

Super cacao & passionfruit | Mango & cinnamon
Wild blueberry & baobab | Fresh raspberry & baobab

If you think macarons only exist in Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées or looking pretty on Instagram, you seriously need to get a life and try Miss Macaroon’s. Soz for the #lovefest but they’re the most perfect macaron I’ve ever tasted; a firm casing with the perfect bite, fresh and interesting flavours with poppy colours and now with a dairy free filling – not even a buttercream to ooze out and de-sophisticate your mouthful. Oh and you can get your face printed on them too. I mean, come on.

So finally, my overall #macaroonwars winners in ascending order?

Yuzu & black sesame 🥇 (can’t even describe why but think soft, soft fruity overlayer, with a grainy, coconutty punch in the middle – needs to be tried to be believed)

Wild blueberry & baobab 🥈 (think jam and coconut sponge mixed with a little Victoria Sponge, this was classic cake flavours rolled into a teeny macaron)

Super cacao & passionfruit 🥉 (soon to be improved with stronger passionfruit, still a subtly non-sweet but mega treat for my chocolate tooth)

Best thing I’ve learnt since Thursday’s tasting? That there’s only 53-68 calories per macaron 🙋 Making that sweet treat even sweeter and easily more frequent (but maybe I’ll avoid eating six in one day again…)

The new flavours will be available v. soon and I encourage you all to go indulge in your afternoon sweet treat right here (and for only c.60 calories a bite! 😚)

Miss Macaroon

Great Western Arcade, Birmingham, B2 5HU

Tweets/Instas: @iammissmacaroon

Disclosure: I was invited by Rosie to taste her impeccable new flavourings in the first of various macaroon wars to decide new flavours to go on sale. Only my honest opinions and feedback were required.


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