Han Eats @ Caffiened

Not many words needed for this one.

Caffiened is Harborne’s latest coffee indie, a coffee room that’s cosy, aesthetically homely, friendly and serves damn good cups of the expertly crafted stuff. And chocolate flapjacks. And the best vegan, gluten-free brownie ever. Ever. *Cue day dream about said chocolate treats two weeks into giving them up for Lent*

The vibe? 70s throwbacks inc. wicker furniture, macrame hanging baskets and green potted plants vs. the ever-insistent exposed brick and dangly light installations feat. this bin and those tiles 😍

All with a smile and the friendliest of chat just off the Harborne beaten track. Not to mention the dreamiest crockery from local ceramic legend, Joe Pascoe.

Rory, aka @the.coffee.nomad and barista legend, is also a real good egg; a proper informed coffee nerd who’ll serve you a cup fuelled with craft, knowledge and passion straight to your table.

They’ve started serving brunch too, which looked and smelt all kinds of good during my visit when they were experimenting prior to launch. I’d imagine it sells out quick too so I’ll be putting it on my early Brunch list.

Photo credit: @_caffiened on Instagram

Poppa Han Eats visited with me too and attempted his second visit, failed thanks to Harborne’s infamous rush hour rodeo.

Can’t wait to come back here again with a book, pals and other coffee shop appreciators.


10 Gordon Road, Harborne, B17 9HB

IG & TW: @_caffiened / @caffienedB17


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