Han Drinks @ Tom’s Kitchen

End of Jan + cocktail masterclass = match made in heaven, for those, unlike me, who did that Dry Jan b****cks. Han drinks, too, apparently.

Rewired PR gathered a bunch of us together to test, sample and shake the delectable cocktail offerings at lovely Tom’s Kitchen. The bar team and the drinks they produce are shaking things up and giving the chefs and their top quality food the place is known for a run for their money.

Cocktail masterclasses are no new thing nowadays; they’re now almost a staple every bar ‘must have’ to cater for larger groups and get dem crowds in.

At Tom’s Kitchen, you’ll get the private dining area to yourself, 3 cocktails each (all prepared with your own fair hands), the training and education from the expert team, including our lovely Noel (called him Will throughout though didn’t I πŸ™„), plus bar nibbles, all for Β£35 each. For group occasions, birthdays, hens or even an alternative date night, this’d go down a storm.

No this isn’t Vodka Revs or Slug & Lettuce. You won’t be making a pornstar, mojito or Cosmo. You won’t be racing to make them or downing shots (there’s a time and place for that, OBVS). These are classy, simple but strong tipples, designed with flavour, simplicity and appearance in mind. More of an education than a masterclass.

So let’s get on to the drinks…

The Pom Pom, my fave and Noel’s creation of 5 months ago; kumquat liqueur + citrus absolut 25 ml, pomegranate juice 50ml, orange sugar to coat + loadsa vitamins (he said).

The Poinsettia (like the Christmas plant, apparently); all in the skill of the champagne pour down the swirly spoon, 25ml Grand Marnier + cranberry juice, then top with champagne as per above.

Finally, the Gin Martini (or the dirty martini if you’d prefer 😏). Wow, how did I not know this was neat alcohol?! Call me naive, but whether 20 seconds stirred or shaken, it was rank in my eyes. However if you’re going to create a cocktail during the Gold Rush – when the only things you could rustle up were liqueurs, bitters and lemons – a hella dirty martini is what you will create.

A drink somehow elegant and ‘classy’, I’m sure I wouldn’t be with one of those whole ones down my neck. And me and my friend once thought mixing straight gin + prosecco was bad enough…

Following a top notch session from NOEL, former Bar manager cum Floor Manager at TK, it seems he is still keeping his bar team in check.

Even without this guy in charge, his flair and passion for fine drinks alongside fine food still shines through in the skill and quality behind the bar and its seasonal menu. For those who like a serious cocktail, no gimmicks or bar races around here.

Oh, and the food’s obviously great at TK too – here’s a fantastic duck and mushroom risotto dish I had before Christmas. I liked it a lot, a proper treat meal.

Get 20% off your food with your cheeky MyBull too alll the time bar Saturday nights, don’t you forget.

Tom’s Kitchen

The Mailbox, Birmingham

Social: @tomskitchens

Disclosure: I was invited along to this cocktail masterclass by Rewired PR, along with other Brum Bloggers. The whole evening was complimentary. My views, clearly, honest and my own.


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