Han Eats @ Buffalo & Rye

Won’t make this a long one (she says) as the long and the short of this blog is, Buffalo & Rye is awesome. 

It may not rate AS highly as the OPM giants on the Brum burger scale (we should totally make that a thing ๐Ÿ˜) but only because their bar is set so high, Drake high in fact. 

However this shouldn’t take away from the great casual dining joint that is Buffalo & Rye. Housed next to one of its numerous sister venues Bodega, on Bennetts Hill, it’s also a great central destination.

Funnily enough, despite their heavily pit-smoked meaty menu I’ve never had an actual beefy burger at B&R but their halloumi / mushroom / avo version is all kinds of good.

On this occasion, luckily, we were invited for a tasting of their new lunchtime offering, which included allll the meat and allll the bread (and reminds me not to go to blogger events on a Monday for this reason – bloat overload ๐Ÿท) 

It is also officially one of the best bargains in Bham city centre. 

A (dirty) sandwich + fries + a DRINK drink, all for around ยฃ7 (depending on sandwich choice). As someone who doesn’t opt to eat out for lunch a lot (just at least 2 x nights for dinner…), I’d say this is a worthy exception to the rule. 

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves to get YOU in the mood. I will add, though, that all of the meat is smoked in-house, sauces homemade (obv) and delicious breads supplied by city baker greats Peel & Stone. Yum.

Starting with my favourite of the night (surprisingly actually no meat again… who even am I?!)

Homemade pimento cheese, red peppers & tomato jam in a ciabatta roll (with some onion thrown in there for sure)
St. Louis Gerber: garlic butter topped with home-cured smoked ham, SMOTHERED with cheddar & gherkins, toasted…
French Dip: home-cured and salt cured beef, smoked cheddar & onions, served with secret recipe dipping sauce (shh… actually made with cola and the smoked meat juices ๐Ÿ˜)
This is not a sandwich. I repeat, this CANNOT be a sandwich (but it’s a big tasty lump of BBQy, chickeny, bacony goodness anyway)
Buffalo Reuben: a twist on a classic NYC combo of smokey pastrami, sauerkraut, emmental cheese, gherkins & ‘Russian sauce’… whatever that may be
Chicken Po’Boy: buttermilk chicken strips & salad stuffed into a sub roll, topped with a smoked mayo
Crayfish, garlic butter & smashed avo

Of all the choices the final two are definitely the lightest, however not my personal favourite choices, mainly because all of the others are so dirty and delish. 

So yeah, whether it’s a hangover, the cracking bargain or just your average Wednesday that calls for a dirty lunch deal, Buffalo & Rye’s your pick. 

Buffalo & Rye 

11 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5RS

FB, IG & TW: @buffaloandrye

Disclosure: I joined the Bitters n Twisted lot with a few of us #BrumBloggers, a fine recipe for companionship. We were invited to try the new sandwich menu but I’m telling you about it because it’s awesome, not because they bitterly twisted my arm… ๐Ÿ˜


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