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Now I’m not usually one for eating out at lunch. I tend to prefer my homemade leftovers, soup or thrown-together salads. But alas, inevitably we all get bored of the same old.

So when a treat is on the cards and a new eatery opens, lunch game in on.

This new lunch time experience has opened up in Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade.

WrapLab specialises in homemade gourmet wraps, with some seriously tempting filling options.

* wraps are not £6, they are indeed £4.95
* wraps are not £6, they are indeed £4.95
I eventually opted for the ‘Bang Bang Chicken’: Sliced Chicken / Peanut, Lime and Sweet Chilli Dressing / Spring Onion Mango / Gem Lettuce

The sauce was an excellent balance of peanut and sweet chilli. I’m always fearful my fave peanut flavour  will be lacking, but this had a definite strong presence and even some crunch. Tick tick.

Chopped mango added not only exotic tang but also that texture and LOADS of spring onion.

Could I recreate it at home? Probs. Mix a bit of whole earth, soy, sweet chilli + hot water and you’ve got quite a tasty dressing.

But I really, really enjoyed the WrapLab version, all scooped up in a giant wheat and white wrap with plenty of filling.

If I was to be REALLY picky, I would probs have chosen an alternative tortilla choice if offered or if I’d paid attention to the ‘choose your own’ option boards.

I also wouldn’t have gone for romaine lettuce – this just feels like something left in the bottom of my fridge that gets whacked in last minute. Unless it’s for a Caesar, then its romaine all the way.

The experience inside added to the eventual taste experience au desk – a scientifically themed ‘lab’ with all the tricks and trills to give you plenty to look at during your wait.

Freshly home made in front of you, the experience was a similar wait to a Subway, but less pressure and awkwardness in waiting away from the counter. And obviously generally more fresh and appealing.

I also liked the addition of the lemon and berry water on offer to customers – really nice alternative which feels like a treat.

I was also very content carrying the sturdy, premium-feeling paper bag back to the office (and it’s 100% compostable and disposable 😉).

Would I go again? At £4.95 a pop, it’s only a maybe… But I do want to try that braised lamb. And the Eureka Humous. Aaand I’d quite like to make my own combo and ‘choose your own’…

You’ve got a volunteer right here 🙋🏻

So actually yes, I will (probably) be back, when I want to treat myself to a £5 lunch again (and go all out on the meal deal at £6 and add crisps and a drink – crazy).

[Updated 24/01/17] As my boss later disappointingly found out, Wraplab have taken the Crayfish Cocktail from the menu AND the poached salmon and, oddly, turkey options are at a £1 surcharge… You have been warned lunch monsters. 


Great Western Arcade

FB, tweets and insta: @wearewraplab

Paid £4.95 in full for my wrap.


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