When Han Eats comes to Brum

So very soon I shall become a real life city girl in Brum, leaving my suburban Coventry roots (or at least until the next gathering or family roast) and moving in with the fella. An odd choice for some, “Birmingum?! Why d’you wanna live there?! S***hole!” say some. However I’m proudly becoming one of those ‘young professional’ residents of the quarter famed the world over for certain sparkly accessories, making a commitment to this much under-rated city I’ve, somewhat surprisingly, come to know and love, for so many reasons.

Of course I’m excited for all of the joys this life stage will bring; living together, the much-craved post-grad independence (plus a couple of years) and the vibrance of city life, including the arts, nightlife and of course,  Birmingham’s culinary dominance (moving from Coventry, just about anything is better).

Whilst I still intend to be very much a West Midlands foodie, covering the region with family, friends and the fella in between city hops etc, it’s hard to argue with Birmingham’s current gastronomic prowess.  Understandably, I am already very familiar with the Birmingham food scene by name and nature; 5 (6 including surroundings) Michelin *s plus Michelin chefs Andy Waters and Tom Aikens (soon), an award-winning street food scene, curries… yadda yadda.

Having devoured most of the ‘Top 10’ lists for various food-filled adventures in the city and having collated my own rather large hitlist over some time, I’m no stranger in that sense, but I sure am looking forward to working my way through them.

However, in all honesty, it’s actually the more minute foodie details I’m boring my other half to insanity with excitement about… humour me, if you will:

Food shopping


a) to find out where our local shop, market and supermarkets will be, b)because I haven’t done it in forever and I genuinely enjoy supermarkets and c) for allllll the snacks

Hosting dinners


What will be our signature home cooked dinners, both for the two of us and for varying groups of guests?! Cue mass family visits and ‘repaying’ the Sunday favour… (*prays for slow cooker for Christmas*)


Photo credit: @ichoosemag

Where are and what will be our new fave takeaways? As much as you say you’re going to keep an open mind, “we must try there”, and aim to try the much ‘famed’ takeaways or even make your own ‘fakeaways’, you soon become accustomed to your fave greasy curry here and crispy duck pancake there… Bring on the search.

The Brum roast mission

Photo credit: Independent Birmingham

Moving away from home means moving away from the fairly certain offer of a weekly Sunday roast, or similar. Since cooking a roast is both fairly pointless and undesirable for just two people, we may well be seeking out Brum’s best Sunday feasts. If you can beat this list, or this one, or even this Independent Birmingham one, do let me know and we’ll be sure to check it out (even more so if it’s missing from any of the above.)

The first supper

Finally, where’s the obligatory move-in (Dominos) pizza coming from?! I know there’s that cute new Otto’s Pizza just around the corner, but sometimes after a busy day you just crave that BBQ chicken covered stodge… Either way, we’ll need pizza, and we’ll need it fast.

If you like, stick with us as we discover the above for ourselves OR better yet, give me a shout below or on Twitter or Instagram if you’ve got any goodens you think we should try or add to the list?!


2 thoughts on “When Han Eats comes to Brum

  1. Welcome to Brum! Sounds like some exciting times for you, hope the move goes well.

    I’d go with Independent Birmingham’s roast dinner list, I’ve not eaten at all of them but the Church and the Red Lion’s are very good, and Purecraft is always a winner. And if you’re in the JQ for takeaways it might be worth checking out Deliveroo as that’ll open up even more possibilities (which is both a good and a bad thing, I suspect).

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Birmingham! 🙂

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