Han Eats @ Tonkotsu, Selfridges

Tasty, alternative lunch is a winner. A tasty, alternative AND cheap lunch on the other hand – now you’re talking.

I was determined to profit from iChoose Birmingham’s incredibly generous 50% off opening offer at Selfridge’s newest hotspot, Tonkotsu. The latest in a long line of new Asian food openings in Birmingham, Tonkotsu have followed the increasingly popular trend to choose Brum as their premier expansion city of choice outside the capital.

Pitched next to UK favourite (but not particularly a Han Eats favourite) Yo!Sushi, the first floor of Selfridges is awash with steaming noodley aromas.

It’s also always been a bit of a sad foodie ‘ambition’ to eat at one of those bars, perched with the chefs in front of you preparing to deliver steaming hot dishes.

A quick lunch with R was the order of the day, so quick decisions it was. R’s eyes shot out at his favourite Chicken Katsu, whereas I stuck to the Tonkotsu staple brew; Tokyo ramen with pork belly.

Dishes arrived quick enough to satisfy eager lunchtime beavers; slow enough to suggest some fresh preparation was involved.

Of all the delights I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy recently, this was one of my faves. A tasty, wholesome, satisfying dish, that delivers on size and flavour for me. Not too salty, spring oniony, loads of noodles and just enough runny egg to swill around in the mix.

R was also as satisfied with his katsu, even as a hardcore Wagamama fan. He enjoyed the addition of carrot and potato as added fillers and I thought the sauce was a hell of a lot tastier, fruitier even. A decent portion it was too. He was eager to go again this week for round 2.

Would I pay full price (£11) to sit and eat this ramen at Tonkotsu in Selfridges? Perhaps not. Slightly steep for a casual lunchtime on a tighter budget, and not substantial or relaxed enough for dinner. However having dribbled over the iChoose review and praise for the fried chicken (”
Chicken Karaage”
I’m tempted for a return visit.

All in all, I must remember how much I like ramen and must choose to eat it more often.

It’s a tasty curer of the smallest of ills and a fine lunch too.

Tonkotsu, Selfridges first floor, Birmingham

Tweets: @tonkotsuramen


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