Here comes Han Eats

“Do you have to try my food again?” they said.

“Do we have to have different things off the menu, again?” they said.

“Must you take a picture of my food, AGAIN?” they said.

“Why don’t you just start a food blog where you can bang on about food as much you like?” They said.

For my family, friends and not-another-food-photo-please boyfriend, this has been a long time coming. Han’s foodie blog. Whilst the nigglers in the back of my head still threaten me with the “no-one wants to read another food blog” mantra, and whilst my ideas are still evolving for the direction in which I will take it, I’m heading into the bloggersphere.

As a 20-something working girl new to the vibrant Colmore Business District in the centre of Birmingham, I am so excited about the wealth of foodie experiences surrounding me. With 5 Michelin starred restaurants to choose from, the largest number in a UK city outside of London, heaps of ‘low n slow’ joints, some of the best street food in the UK and café after bean-roasting café to indulge, I think I’m going to like it here. I dare someone to argue Birmingham is not the city for ‘that city life’, plus the fastest growing food destination, outside of London…

Whether I hit the heights of first-night opening invites, or world-renowned restauranteur, or simply remain just another food Instagrammer, I don’t know. Or frankly care at this point (Rayner, no need to panic, just yet.) For now I’m just looking to transform the enthusiasm of my Instagram comments into something more worthwhile, and hopefully provide something interesting for fellow foodies and friends to enjoy. Nothing to lose, but all the foodie experiences to gain. Here’s trying.

(Please bear with me while I tinker with the pretty bits and get this digital lark in check… And hopefully improve my food photos as I go along!)


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